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Reading as a form of self care with kindle unlimited...

A 2009 study by the University of Sussex found that reading for as little as six minutes could reduce stress levels by 68 percent. Reading was a better stress reliever than many popular relaxation methods such as, having a hot cup of coffee or tea, listening to music, taking a leisurely walk, or playing video games.

Reading allows you to lose yourself in whatever book you choose. You are able to forget about all of your worries and obligations while being transported to a different time, place, or even world. Reading requires your full attention, so you don’t have time to think about all the problems that are causing you stress. Your body begins to relax, which lowers your heart rate and eases tension in your muscles.

Take time out of your busy day to curl up with a good book or magazine. Find a quiet and relaxing spot where you will not be disturbed.

I love magazines and utilize amazon's kindle unlimited for access to magazines/books every month.

What is Kindle Unlimited?

Kindle Unlimited, or KU, is Amazon’s subscription service for books, audiobooks, and magazines. Subscribers have access to a pool of over a million titles, plus a selection of accompanying audiobooks. Users can borrow up to 10 items at once and return them at any time. You can try it free for 30 days.

You can subscribe to Kindle Unlimited right now from the link above! And you can use it on any device you want — not just a Kindle — through the Kindle app or on the kindle cloud reader.

Of course, you’ll also need an Amazon account, but that’s easy enough to sign up for (if you’ve somehow managed to go this long without one). The only other qualification is that you live in the United States, or at least change your country to “US” on Amazon, which you can do in your account's Country/Region Settings. Your account -> content and devices -> preferences -> country/region settings -> change your country/region

You don’t need to own an Amazon device (Kindle e-reader or Fire tablet) to make use of Kindle Unlimited e-book subscription.

Any Kindle application works with the subscription service. Kindle for iPhone/iPad, Kindle for Android, Kindle for PC and Mac – you can use them right away to access your Kindle Unlimited books.

How does Kindle Unlimited work?

Kindle Unlimited lets you borrow up to 10 books, audiobooks, and magazines at a time, and then return them whenever you’re done! Again, you can read KU titles on any device — not just a Kindle — so long as you have an Amazon account.

Featured items to borrow will appear your Kindle Unlimited dashboard, which tailors its suggestions based on your browsing history. On Amazon, you can access this dashboard by clicking on the “Shop by Category” icon (which looks like three horizontal lines in the upper left corner), then “Kindle E-readers & Books” → “Kindle Unlimited.”

From there, you can also check out the full kindle unlimited catalog under “Browse the catalog” on the right side of the dash.

To borrow a book from your dashboard, simply hover over it and click on the green button that says “Read now.” If you want to save it for later, click “Add to Library.”

To borrow a book from the KU catalog, click on its product page and then on the yellow button on the right that says “Read for Free.” This same button will appear if you’re browsing as usual and stumble upon a Kindle Unlimited title, so you’ll never accidentally pay for a book that you can get through KU.

You can also find Kindle Unlimited audiobooks by selecting “Show results for: eBooks with Audible narration” on the left side of the catalog. This should filter results to only show books that also have audiobooks on KU. When an audiobook is available, the yellow button on the product page will say “Read and Listen for Free.”

Finally, to view which books you’ve borrowed and return them when you’re ready, go to Your Borrowed Items page. You'll find it under “Accounts & Lists” → “Your Kindle Unlimited,” underneath info about your membership.

Click the yellow “Return” button in order to return a book. But feel free to keep each book as long as you like — unlike a brick-and-mortar library, it’s not like you’re preventing someone else from reading it!

How to cancel Kindle Unlimited

It’s easy to cancel your Kindle Unlimited membership if you're not using it (or if you want to opt out before the 30-day trial ends). You can click here to do it right now, or navigate to the page yourself on Amazon: “Accounts & Lists” → “Your Kindle Unlimited” → “Cancel Kindle Unlimited Membership” (on the left).

You’ll have to confirm the cancellation again on the next page, but other than that you should be set! Once you’ve canceled, your card will no longer be charged, but your KU subscription will last until the next day of the billing cycle so you don’t lose what you’ve already purchased.

see you soon :)

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