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Search's in the tea leaves

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Initially believed to be used for medicinal purposes, tea has been around for centuries and has been embraced by many countries all around the world for its calming and restorative benefits.

I recently discovered that tea is one of the most popular drinks on earth, and next to water, is enjoyed on a daily basis by billions of people.

One of the amazing things about incorporating drinking tea into your self-care routine is that it is as good for the body as it is for the mind and soul. Tea can be enjoyed guilt free (zero calories and full of anti-oxidants, HELLO!) any time of the day.

Self-care is often misread as shallow acts of self-indulgence but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The act of self-care is identifying when we need care that we can only give ourselves, when we need to slow down, when we are worn and then deliberately making decisions and changes that guide our future wellbeing.

While the changes for the long run are excellent, acts of self-care that have short term benefits are super important for the here and now.

Making tea isn’t hard but it demands your attention and care. The aroma of loose leaf tea lifts you up and transports you to a soothing place. The routine of boiling water, steeping loose leaf tea and slowly drinking a freshly brewed cup calms the mind. But what’s notable is, I’ve also been reaping these benefits from iced teas, cold brew teas and cold tea lattes, all made with loose leaf tea.

My current favorite iced-tea is Brooklyn tea’s well-kanda, refreshing and a gorgeous purple color when you add a bit of lemon juice. Well-Kanda consists of lemongrass and butterfly pea flower and is rich in anthocyanins and loads of anti-inflammatory properties. It's guaranteed to lift your mood.

You may think, “I’m too busy to take 10 mins or so to enjoy a cup of tea” or thinking about tea in the traditional sense but with the versatility of loose leaf tea, you can enjoy it in so many different ways.

Practicing self-care has to be a deliberate and conscious thing. It has to be done on purpose, schedule it like you would a meeting.

Take care!

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