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Simple steps to get your well-being back on track this year...

A lot of you would have started 2020 with a set of health and fitness goals, travel plans and just a sense of optimism, it was not only a new year but a new decade. Yaaassss!!! But man, we were all thrown a curve ball lol.

What came after served to derail many of us, as we were forced to quickly come to terms with a new way of life, managing a pandemic with lock-downs, remote working, home-schooling and ever-changing restrictions that look set to continue for many weeks to come (yes I said 'weeks', being optimistic here).

So what does that mean for this year, 2021? How has 2020 altered your outlook, goals and expectations for yourself and your well-being?

We hope these simple steps can help you get your well-being back on track and also help you find a sense of joy, hope and self-compassion.

  1. Find something that you enjoy & make it part of your well-being journey. Dance, sing, walk, run, do a virtual yoga class, take virtual healthy cooking classes, swim, take up gardening - the possibilities are endless but you won't stay on track unless it's really something you enjoy.

  2. Make a plan. You have to schedule where, when and how you'll stick to your sessions each week, otherwise we all know it probably won't happen.

  3. Eat to nourish you body. (foodie over here)

  4. Fall in love with taking care of yourself and make yourself a priority.

  5. Finally, extend yourself some grace.

This was a quickie but we hope a goodie :)

Until next time...

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