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Professional Spa Home Face Steamer

Professional Spa Home Face Steamer

This Professional Home Sauna SPA face steamer is suitable for all kinds of skin, oily skin steam 8-10 minutes, dry skin for 15 minutes.This steamer can be used to relieve dry skin, rough, large pores, dark complexion, shiny face, lack of elasticity. Good for office workers, often staying up late, stress, sensitive skin, also can be used for the elderly, children, men or cold person.


This face spa steam treatment is simple to use,Just add water and power on can steam face. Fast steam and last long time, steamer design with 2 temperature switch, you can adjust as need. Please keep 15cm from face to steamer mask when face steaming, and do not steam too long time.Every 50ml can be steam 20 min., it's best time to do a facial SPA.Face steamer for facial deep cleaning.



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