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Ice Roller for Face / Eye Puffiness Relief

Ice Roller for Face / Eye Puffiness Relief

  • COLD THERAPY: The ice roller helps prevent wrinkles and relieve dry skin, relieve pain, migraine, sunburn, sore muscles and minor injury. It also helps eliminate facial dropsy after getting up.
  • RADIANT SKIN: The face roller helps to promote the blood circulation to alleviate puffiness, dark circles, inflammation and improve skin texture. It’s suitable for all skin type.
  • SHRINK PORES: Massage your face during mask caring can shrink pores and calm skin. It can also improve lymphatic drainage, remove toxins from the system.
  • RELIEVE TIREDNESS: Use it as a eye roller to massage your eye socket and temples to gain your vitality back when you feel tired. Roll it across your face, neck and back to massage away puffiness and pressure.
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